The value of knowing how many consumers actually use your product

A study of the market - whatever market you're in - will at some stage always need a set of data that measures true sales, to the consumer. This data, also known as consumption data (because we are measuring how much product is being consumed) has until recently been missing from the armoury of a marketing manager in the veterinary industry. 

Instead, product and brand managers have made do with data that shows how much vet practices are buying...but this simply shows the take up of sales effort, and does not reflect how much product is being used. 

 Animalytics data, from Veterinary Insights, brings a new dimension to market analysis. The Animalytics database is a very large database of transactions between Companion Animal vets and the animals that they treat, covering the key aspects of what animals are treated with, what investigations and activities are carried out on them, at what cost and for how long. 

 Only this way can you access data relating to millions of transactions, carried out by thousands of vets, for hundreds of thousands of dogs, cats and other companion animals. Only Animalytics gives you such a detailed knowledge of the market you operate in.

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