Rabbits and Small Furries – an increasingly large share of veterinary practice

When it comes to dealing with Rabbits and Small Furries, a little less of the “Small” please – VetViewer benchmarking data shows that this group of animals is becoming increasingly important to vets in practice.

A couple of years ago, when we started the VetViewer benchmarking service, everyone spoke about the importance of treating rabbits, other small furries and exotic pets properly, but the data simply didn’t match what was being said. Roll on two years, and how things have changed! Our results from the Animalytics™ database, taking detailed anonymous information from hundreds of vet practices in the UK, shows that these categories of animals are responsible for a healthy proportion of animals seen by vets, and a similarly growing proportion of a practice’s revenue.

The data shows that for a typical UK vet practice, while the majority of household pets seen remain dogs and cats, rabbits now represent the equivalent of 10% of all cats seen, and Small Furries another 5%.

In terms of revenues, VetViewer shows that while a typical cat will be worth £ 154 per year to a vet practice, a rabbit is now half of that, at £ 77 per year. This is significantly more than what rabbits, and Small Furries, were bringing in 2 years ago.

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