We Analyse, Benchmark and Monitor Veterinary Data on approximately 92 million practice transactions

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Animalytics - Unprecedented access to consumption level data in the veterinary industry
Where do we source the Animalytics system data from?
Why is the Animalytics service so significant and distinct in the market?
The Animalytics service offers unprecendented industry access to animal data
What are the game changing questions you would ask if you had access to Animalytics
Animalytics - a service used and trusted by the veterinary industry

Precise Analytics

Our database technology allows extremely focused analysis, meaning that we can drill down from the 92 million plus transactions to those that just match what you're looking for.


Smart Data Mining

We are able to combine a variety of research criteria, to give truly informative sets of responses.


Custom Reporting

Different companies have different research needs. Our reports are created to suit your company’s individual requirements.


We anonymously collect:


Use animal level data to define your sales strategy

Only by using actual data taken from real cases, from hundreds of vet practices, can you be sure of being able to truly understand the market you operate in. Animalytics™ allows you detailed insights into hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of actual cases that take place in UK veterinary practices. You can then use these trends to model your company’s marketing plan confident in the knowledge that you are basing your plans on what really happens in practice.

Smart People. Brilliant ideas Who's behind all this


Alexander Arpino

Managing Director of Veterinary Insights Ltd and General Manager and Director, DBM SARL

Joy Bevan

Sales Manager – Animal Health Division

Philippa House

Office Manager